About Us

LY2combines art, aesthetics, fit, hand embroideries and embellishments to give a natural look, innovative thinking and exclusivity. We combine traditional Indian hand work with modern design to give a rich, unique and luxurious look to it’s garments. Purity of Lines and Sophisticated details jazzed up with modern and dynamic embellished styles that makes the brand unique, by providing affordable and up-to-date high fashion to a broad selection of tastes, sizes and lifestyles.

The expertise and experience in hand crafted skills such as embroideries, crochet, macramé, bead and sequins work, zardozi, pleating etc. together with technical input has helped in manufacturing very high quality garments for various high fashion brands worldwide. The brand wants to diversify and give the wealth of design and hand craftsmanship to the Indian customers as well.

It is our sincere effort to help provide employment to the local artisans in interiors of India from the comfort of their ancestral homes, instead of migrating to urban areas and living in difficult conditions. This also inspires the youth to take up these skills, where fewer and fewer people are choosing to do so.